5 December 2019 -- the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong ("LRC") published a report on Review of Substantive Sexual Offences making final recommendations for the reform of substantive sexual offences in the Crimes Ordinance (Cap 200). These recommendations include the creation of a range of non-consensual sexual offences such as a new offence of sexual penetration without consent, a uniform age of consent of 16 years old in Hong Kong, the creation of a range of new sexual offences involving children and persons with mental impairment ("PMIs") which are gender neutral, and the reform of a series of miscellaneous sexual offences such as incest, exposure, bestiality, necrophilia and homosexual-related buggery and gross indecency offences.  The report follows a study on the overall review of substantive sexual offences by the LRC’s Review of Sexual Offences Sub-committee, chaired by Peter Duncan SC.  A copy of the LRC Report can be found here.