Melvin’s primary area of practice is in criminal law. His experience in this field encompasses a broad spectrum, including in particular commercial crime, securities and regulatory matters. He appears regularly at various levels of courts, including the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal, as both a led junior and an advocate in his own right.

Further to Melvin’s criminal practice, he also possesses experience in general civil, land and matrimonial matters.

Melvin obtained his LLB degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and served his pupillage under Ambrose Ho S.C., Walker Sham, Jonathan Kwan and Robin D’Souza.

Melvin is fluent in both English and Chinese.

Called to the Bar: Hong Kong, 2015
Areas Of Practice: Adverse Possession
Building Management
Building and Construction Law
Commercial Disputes
Commercial Fraud
Contract Disputes
Employment and other Labour Disputes
Family and Matrimonial Law
General Civil Litigation
General Crime
General Tort
Injunctive Relief
Landlord and Tenant
Market Misconduct (civil and criminal)
Money Laundering
Personal Injuries
Professional Regulation and Discipline
Road Traffic
Sale of Goods
Securities Law
Stock Exchange
Tresspass to Land
Wills, Probate and Succession
Wrongful Interference with Goods
Qualification: LLB, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
PCLL, the University of Hong Kong
Languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Criminal and Regulatory:

HKSAR v Far East Landfill Technologies Limited FLS 929, 2368-2397, 3151, 3694-3702/2014 (with Peter Duncan S.C. and Jonathan Kwan)

EPD v Suez NWS R&R (Hong Kong Limited) & Kam Moon-tong FLS 14430 to 14433 of 2018 (with Peter Duncan S.C. and Jonathan Kwan) (ongoing)

HKSAR v Tan Matthew Ming-hei HCCC 57/2019 (led by Peter Duncan S.C. and Jonathan Kwan)

HKSAR v Gong Yueyue ESCC 3313/2014 (with Jonathan Kwan)

HKSAR v Ho Chun Ngok DCCC 309/2014 (with Jonathan Kwan)

HKSAR v Yeung Shun Kwan DCCC 687/2017 (led by Gary Plowman S.C)

HKSAR v Ho Sin-to HCCC 112/2016 (led by Jonathan Acton-bond)

HKSAR v Choi Yee-hung, Brendy HCCC 107/2017 (led by Jonathan Acton-bond)

HKSAR v Azzem Hasso & Ali Syed Abbas HCCC 336/2016 (led by Jonathan Acton-bond)

Market Misconduct Tribunal Proceedings against Yue Da Mining Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 629)

Securities & Futures Commission v ETRADE Securities (Hong Kong) Limited ESS 3270 & 3272/2016

Cen Tian & Others v Securities and Futures Commission SFAT Application No. 4/2018 (with Peter Duncan S.C. and Jonathan Kwan)

Disciplinary Inquiry Under Section 10 of the Public Service (Administration Order) against Mr. Leung Wai Hok, Senior Surveyor of Ships, Marine Department (led by Jonathan Kwan)


M v L FCMC 3321/2010

T v C HCMC 4/2016

C v K FCMC 3992/2012

P v I FCMC 179/2018

F v Y FCMC 15966/2010

M v K FCJA 350/2005


Chun Sang Plastics Company Ltd v Commissioner of Police & Secretary for Justice HCA 2278/2008

Li Mei v Aranbanphotkun, Pratthana HCA 2145/2015

Lee See Woo v Chu Hon Pong HCA 2537/2018 (led by Anson Wong S.C.)

Li Wai Keung & Cheung Yau Ngor v Law Chi Leung & Chan Po Ki DCCJ 2312/2018

Pengo SPA v Baishang Trading Limited DCCJ 1835/2019

Quantum Assets Group Limited v Tai Kwai Fa DCCJ 4454/2019

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